Certificate Holder vs. Additional Insured – What is the Difference?

Fri, Apr 01, 2016

There is a lot of confusion out there on what the difference is between someone that is listed as “Certificate Holder” vs. “Additional Insured”.  You, being the one that purchased the policy and are the named insured, may get requests from various clients that you are working with to be added as one of these.  Here is the difference:


Certificate Holder:  The “Main Contractor” is provided with a ‘certificate of insurance’ that shows that the sub-contractor or vendor, the “Name Insured” does in fact maintain insurance and names the main contractor as the “Certificate Holder.” It is just a proof of insurance.

Example: XYZ Company or XYZ Contractor wants YOU or YOUR COMPANY to perform work somewhere.  They usually request a ‘Certificate Of Insurance’ before you can start work.  You will need to contact your insurance agency and have them provide a ‘Certificate Of Insurance’ document showing the XYZ Company or XYZ Contractor your working with as the “Certificate Holder”

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. It is just proof you have insurance.

Additional Insured:  The “Main Contractor” is named as an ‘additional insured’ on the certificate of insurance and is actually given coverage, and has rights under the sub-contractor’s or vendor’s, the “Named Insured” policy in the event of a future claim.

Example: XYZ Company or XYZ Contractor wants YOU or YOUR COMPANY to perform work somewhere.  They usually request you to provide a certificate listing them as ‘Additional Insured’ before you can start work.  You will need to contact your insurance agency and have them provide a ‘Certificate Of Insurance’ document showing the XYZ Company or XYZ Contractor your working with listed as the ‘Additional Insured’.  There is usually a fee for adding additional insureds to a policy.


SUMMARY: “Certificate Holder” is simply proof of insurance, whereas “Additional Insured” gives XYZ Company coverage and rights under YOUR policy.


If you need us to provide a certificate, give a quote, or make any changes to a existing policy, please give us a call or submit request online.