Mortgage Protection Insurance vs Term Life Insurance

Wed, Sep 24, 2014

Many people often ask what the difference is between Mortgage Protection Insurance and Life Insurance.  While mortgage protection is often accomplished by a simple term life insurance policy, there are often many different options to protect your family and your mortgage.

Term Life Insurance is simply life insurance for a term period of time.  That period of time could be 10 years, 20 years or 30 years.  The life insurance policy begins upon issuance and continues until the policy expires.  After that term or period of time is over, so is your policy.

Mortgage Protection Insurance normally begins with a term life insurance policy however, options are added.  Most of the time people need protection while they are still alive but are overtaken by illnesses of various degrees.  A term life insurance policy alone will not help them with those illnesses.

Some insurance providers who specialize in Mortgage Protection Insurance have built policies to allow the policy holder (you) to access some of the money in monthly allotments for Critical Illness, Chronic Illness or Terminal Illness.  These policies will specifically acknowlege the illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes and many others.

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Many people are looking for the “cheapest coverage” possible.  What isn’t often realized, becuase of the amount of options with Mortgage Protection Insurance, is that the protection with all the options is normally the same basic cost as just a plain jane term life insurance policy.

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